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"     She couldn’t describe what he had taken. He had not stolen her data, for it did not belong to her; he hadn’t taken her friends – apparently her own actions had done that. He hadn’t hurt her, physically. Everything he had done was in a digital domain, where nothing was owed to her.


Yet there felt some inexplicable right of hers had been violated – some integrity for which there was no word, a duty she deserved, lingering indecipherable in a shadowy penumbra.     "


Watching the watchers.

T.J. Rowley's fiction explores human relationships through the lens of emerging technology.

His first novel, PERSISTENCE OF VISION provides a timely interrogation of how the emerging technologies of social media, big data, and artificial intelligence may affect our relationships with one another and with ourselves.

Technology, as the saying goes, is neither good nor bad, but nor is it neutral.


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