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Persistence of Vision - Cover.jpg
Persistence of Vision

There is nowhere to hide in this novel about surveillance and secrets for fans of Black Mirror.  

In a near-future metropolis, tech is everywhere: it is always watching, always recording, always manipulating. You buy what tech tells you, believe what tech shows you, and you expose anyone who speaks out. Choice, truth, and secrecy? They are the privileges of the elite.  

Jane keeps her past a secret by performing a fake persona - never letting the mask slip for even a second. But when she is recruited to spy on a member of the elite, Jane's efforts to keep her own secrets become increasingly desperate. Can one keep secrets when tech sees all?

Through her struggle against the omnipresent surveillance, Jane uncovers lost histories, forms hidden friendships, and re-awakens the traumas hiding in her past. As she escapes the metropolis for the forbidden wasteland, who can she trust to help? And who will get hurt along the way?

Book no.2
Book no.1
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